Hobo Junkies  was created in June of 2016 with a simple goal in mind - play the hits everyone knows and loves and provide a great time while doing it!
With a hit list that spans from the '70s to today, Hobo Junkies covers a wide range of material.

There is always something for everyone, from rock to pop, grunge to glam, metal to anthem!

The variety you like!!  With covered artists such as AC/DC, Billy Idol, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Queen, Velvet Revolver, Cheap Trick, Journey... and many more, the hits just keep coming at a Hobo Junkies show!
If you are looking for that band that will play the songs you and your friends know and can sing and dance to, all done with a hi-energy presentation - the Hobo Junkies are for you!  We provide variety to our shows. Whether it be the wide range of your favorite tunes or seeing different band formations. Each member of the band is a multi-instrumentalist. So you can see the bass player take lead vocals on a song. Or the lead guitarist playing drums, while the lead vocalist plays bass or guitar!  There are not many bands that can do that!

If you're a club or bar, we are always professional and will promote your establishment with posters and on our social media.  We are also available for special events, private parties and more!
So come on out to the next Hobo Junkies show and get YOUR FIX!!

See you soon! Your Hobo Junkies,
Mojo, Brian, Tony, Erik, Jose